Why is this FLAPPY BIRD game different from other games

  • It has infinite levels, you can never complete this fun game.
  • There are no cheats, you have to play it using only your gaming skills.
  • It is not a multiplayer game so you are on your own in single player mode!
  • Its 100% free to play 24 hours every day!

How do I play this game?

The controls are extremely easy, the only button you need to use is your left mouse button or if you are playing on your mobile phone then just use your finger! It is a side-scrolling platform game and the aim is to steer the small flappy character who looks like an angry bird through the pipes without crashing into them or the ground. The further you get through the level, the higher the score will be when you finish and if you manage to get to level 70 you will get a gold medal!

Who invented this addictive and frustrating video game?

The original game was created by a Vietnamese computer programmer called Dong Nguyen and was released on the iPhone in May 2013. On its release, it hit the number one spot on the Apple App Store and stayed there for many months until it was removed by Nguyen who was reported to say "it became an addictive product so I removed it". When this happened, it led to a flood of clones (including this one!) to hit the market with a lot of parodies such as the infamous Flappy Sesame Street and fallout boy's "fall out bird".

What makes this version the best Flappy Bird game out there is the smooth game play and the relatively small download size as well as the fabulous retro graphics. You can also share your scores to Facebook and Twitter from the game over screen.